About Us

Who are we?

Timothy West

Timothy is passionate about administration and organization. He has worked in a variety industries in his working career, including the landscaping, irrigation & audiovisual industries, as well as in a church office. In every industry he found himself in an administrative, organizational or managerial role.

Whether it was in his capacity as a small business owner, department manager for a medium sized company, church administrative assistant, or as a sales & branch manager for a start-up company, he has had opportunities to develop tried & tested strategies for time management, general personal & work task organization and effective administration.

Timothy and Kerry are a South African/American couple living in Texas.

We are a relatively large and busy family. A young family; dad & mom in their thirties and four little minions. We love spending time together. We love being outdoors, hiking, going for picnics and little adventures. We all know life often gets in the way with work demands, administrational demands, and family demands, it all adds up. We’re left seeing to all the administrative tasks that are necessary, important and valid, but that quite frankly we don’t actually have time for.

As a couple, we dreamed of a life where we could be in charge of our time, and have the freedom to live life. We realized that many people in our society feel the same way. So, we created a business where we assist you in doing the tasks you NEED done, for the success of your business, your family, your organization or household. You can then have peace of mind, knowing that these tasks are done. You are free to then use your time on growing your business and enjoying your life.

Our aim is to help all our clients GO.LIVE.LIFE.

We’d love to CONNECT with you or your business and see where we can help you get the most out of your time.